Signtronix Sign Company has been a leading manufacturer of business signs for over 50 years. Our philosophy from the start was to provide high-quality business signs at a low cost to small businesses in the United States. All these years later, we still stand by that philosophy, and strive to make eye-catching, quality signs available to small business owners at an affordable price.

We've designed and manufactured over 600,000 signs for businesses and organizations across America since we started with our vision in 1963. We're able to continue to create affordable signs for small businesses because we've mastered the art of sign production. In fact, we have the process down to such a science that we create one sign every 10 minutes. Our 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated employees to create signs that business owners can count on.

At Signtronix, low cost doesn't mean low quality. We understand sign design and how it's used to really put a business' best face forward. And because we've created over half-a-million signs for all different types of businesses, we know what kind of sign is best for yours.

Oct 22 2014

Signtronix – Alabama A Team Headed for BIG Finish Part 2

RM Ron Gither took new dealer Doug Nulls out for a day and showed him how we help Salons advertise their services by placing an LED-40.  Doug and Ty teamed up for a day and got their lite-ups in. We know their Icebreakers are coming soon as both dealers are committed to following the proven success formula. Continue Reading »

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Oct 20 2014

Signtronix – Alabama A Team Headed for BIG Finish Part 1

The Alabama “A” Team is off to great start for a big finish.  Josh Gither started the month of December by helping a Restaurant with an LED-40, and a Print Shop will soon see the benefits of an Imagelite sign in their window.  Continue Reading »

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Oct 17 2014

Signtronix – Make Every Moment Count

The Steel City Eagles are diligently working Main Street America to close out 2013 strong.  After receiving a “GOLDEN” lead from Stacey Neill, Jeff Bouvy made his way to Dayton, Ohio where he placed two full color EMC’s to an Auto Repair business.  That’s a lot of gas money, Jeff!  Yesterday, Jeff placed a Model 286 to a Window business.  And, he just keeps going and going! Continue Reading »

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Oct 15 2014

Signtronix – Top 10 Reasons You Need to Re-evaluate Your Signage Part 3

Your Best Employee

Think of your sign as a non-commissioned silent salesperson.  How many salary or commission dollars would you have to spend to get your message in the minds of as many people as an effective sign will in a single day?  Continue Reading »

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Oct 13 2014

Signtronix – Top 10 Reasons You Need to Re-evaluate Your Signage Part 2

The Best Advertising

Many businesses believe word-of-mouth advertising is the best available.  According to store traffic surveys of new clients conducted by independent business owners who recently purchased new Signtronix signage, 49% of customers doing business with them for the first time, came in because of the business sign.  35% came in because of word-of-mouth.  Compare these figures with the newspaper advertising that brought in only 7% of the new customers.


Repeat Business

Even if your town has NO turnover in population, a sign will remind your existing customer base to return more often.  If you don’t add a single new customer from your community next year and just bring existing clients back two more times than they otherwise would have, it would represent a significant increase in sales.


Increasing Customer Base

How many people in your community need your product today?  You always have a new and expanding market.  This natural expansion is one more reason to tell your story every day.


It’s An Impulse

Have you ever been riding down the road, saw a sign, remembered a need that could be met at this establishment, turned into the business and made a purchase?  How about Costco, Kryispy Kreme, McDonalds or 7/11?  Signs create impulse traffic into your business and return those who need your product in the future.  Good signage causes people to remember where you are, what you do and how well you do it.

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Oct 10 2014

Signtronix – Top 10 Reasons You Need to Re-evaluate Your Signage Part 1

Get Noticed

There is a direct correlation between visibility and cash flow.  The battle cry and price setting features of commercial real estate is “location, location, location!”  Most prime commercial property is sold by the front linear foot.  Continue Reading »

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Oct 08 2014

Signtronix – Artlink Help

Many of you are contacting Artlink when with a customer and seeking assistance.  Artlink does the work and then does not hear back from you.  It is very important to let Artlink know whether you got the sale or not.  A simple phone call or e-mail just letting them know the status would be very helpful for all involved. Continue Reading »

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Oct 06 2014

Signtronix – Be A Go Getter

Do you know someone who is a “Go Getter” and would be a great fit with Team Signtronix?  Now is the time to spread the word and look for “Personal Recruits” to get behind the 160/52 challenge presented by CEO Tommy Boren. Continue Reading »

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Oct 03 2014

Signtronix – Right Answers

Each of us has far more courage and more “right” answers than we realize.  We can be so busy focusing on our weaknesses that we fail to see the tremendous capacity we have for carrying on.  Sometimes this courage is in the face of a particular crisis; but more than that it is there in all the small events that make up our everyday lives.  Continue Reading »

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Oct 01 2014

Signtronix -Are You Ready For Success?

The Dream: About 2,000 years ago, according to Greek legend, Icarus escaped an island prison by creating wings with feathers joined by wax.  But he flew too close to the sun, the wax melted and he crashed into the sea. Continue Reading »

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