Signtronix Sign Company has been a leading manufacturer of business signs for over 50 years. Our philosophy from the start was to provide high-quality business signs at a low cost to small businesses in the United States. All these years later, we still stand by that philosophy, and strive to make eye-catching, quality signs available to small business owners at an affordable price.

We've designed and manufactured over 600,000 signs for businesses and organizations across America since we started with our vision in 1963. We're able to continue to create affordable signs for small businesses because we've mastered the art of sign production. In fact, we have the process down to such a science that we create one sign every 10 minutes. Our 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated employees to create signs that business owners can count on.

At Signtronix, low cost doesn't mean low quality. We understand sign design and how it's used to really put a business' best face forward. And because we've created over half-a-million signs for all different types of businesses, we know what kind of sign is best for yours.

Jul 21 2014

Signtronix – The Race Is On

The Texas Trailblazers race for the iPad is on!!!  “And, oh how it is heating up,” reports RM Lance Pelton.  We have a new leader as of this morning…  Keith Ives just placed his SIXTH contract of the contest.  Way to go Keith!  Kenneth Melton, Earnie Bailey and Chris Griffith are all tied up at 5 each! Continue Reading »

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Jul 18 2014

Signtronix – Birthday Wishes

From the Home Office we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Francis DeGuzman in our Graphics Department and Jessica Dircks in Artlink.  Both are celebrating their birthday today, November 19th.  Enjoy your special day!   Continue Reading »

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Jul 16 2014

Signtronix – 12 Things Successful People Do Differently

  1. They create and pursue focused goals.

  2. They take decisive and immediate action.

  3. They focus on being productive, not being busy.

  4. They make logical, informed decisions. Continue Reading »

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Jul 14 2014

Signtronix – Join The Fun

Tommy Boren is still on the push to his Manpower goal for 2013.  Have you been an active part of this quest?  While you’re in the field, are you keeping your eyes open for new recruits?  Are you asking every business you enter if they can recommend someone who wants a new career?  Continue Reading »

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Jul 11 2014

Signtronix – Southwest Thunderbirds Get The Job Done

Last Friday while working late Jeff Howey placed Model 46 panels at Triple J Café.  Out in the field bright and early today he placed Model 48 panels to a Trailer business in Bosque Farms, New Mexico.  By 11:30 am he had he his second order of the day a P6 EMC to a Pet Grooming business!   Continue Reading »

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Jul 09 2014

Signtronix – S-A-L-E-S L-E-A-D spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S in the Northeast

Dealer Chris Eidam, from Milt Mannix’s region, immediately followed up on a sales lead that he received from Sharon Flowers the Home Office. Chris called the gentleman, but missed him. Chris stopped by to visit the gentleman when he was supposed to be in and missed him again. Continue Reading »

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Jul 07 2014

Signtronix – Liberty Bells Raking In Orders

The Pennsylvania Liberty Bells are making their way up the ranks.  The team is working hard and RM Joe Brewer is doing a great job leading by example.   Continue Reading »

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Jul 04 2014

Signtronix – Identifying the Needs of the People You Lead Part 2

It is most important in our daily lives to lead by example. This is a simple yet powerful tool that everyone can take advantage of.  A stranger can be influenced by your leadership when acts of kindness are performed. It can be as simple as treating other people as you want to be treated. Continue Reading »

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Jul 02 2014

Signtronix – Identifying the Needs of the People You Lead Part 1

Leadership is a trait we all have inside of us. Each day we are presented with the opportunity to lead those around us. It is how we lead that will determine the impact on others. Continue Reading »

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Jun 30 2014

Signtronix – Trailblazers on Fire

Published by under Signtronix,Signtronix News

The Texas Trailblazers race for an Ipad Air is on!  The contest started last week and things are already heating up.  Kenneth Melton shot the first salvo with an impressive placement to an Insurance Company.  The agent is eager to get her new Model 26 lighted sign!  Cheryl Zimmer just placed another beautiful location, which is her first contract in the less than one day old contest.   Continue Reading »

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